The Staff Experience

The Staff Experience

Enter through the gates of camp and you’ll be met with the cool breeze of mountain air, the sound of inviting splashes in the distance, the creak and whoosh of well-loved cabin doors as they welcome campers to their new homes for the season, and the smell of sweet syrup on pancakes. But this dreamy playscape isn’t what truly makes camp our favorite place on Earth—it’s the people that we find here who make the summer feel like home.

Campers and staff alike make NJY Camps the passionate, adventurous, beautiful organization that it is. With over 800 seasonal staff from 30+ countries, the diversity and range that our NJY Camps staff brings to the table is not only welcomed, but celebrated. Here’s a taste of the staff experience.

The Camp Nah-Jee-Wah Staff Experience

If you ask anybody who has previously had a Jewish summer camp job at Nah-Jee-Wah, they’ll tell you, while working with 6-11 years can be challenging and exhausting, there is truly no more rewarding job in the world. Encouraging the kids to take chances, overcome obstacles, scream, chant, and cheer—there is no experience like it. And to make that difference in a kid’s life, all while having fun doing so alongside a newfound family? It’s an unmatched formula to an unforgettable summer.

Three campers and a camp counselor smiling.

The Cedar Lake Camp Staff Experience

At Cedar Lake Camp, our staff become family and the bonds are everlasting. It is an environment where our staff can be their best selves and be who they want to be. Camp is a judgment-free zone where staff are encouraged to try new things and showcase their unique skills. While being a positive role model for our campers, staff are encouraged to participate in activities and immerse themselves in camp culture. Through special staff events and camp-wide events like Color War and Fourth of July celebrations, working at Cedar Lake is sure to be the best summer of your life.

Camp Cedar Lake staff member holding welcome posters for campers.

The Teen Camp Staff Experience

We pride ourselves on having an excellent staff of talented counselors chosen from applicants all around the world. We look for energetic, responsible, and mature individuals who are ready for a summer full of making lasting camp memories and helping to build friends for life. Our staff are all at least 21-years-old and come with a wide range of youth work experience and sophisticated skill sets. All staff are carefully selected through a rigorous hiring process. We feel that a diverse staff gives our campers the chance to learn about different cultures and to meet people from around the globe.

Camp Nesher staff members.

The Round Lake Staff Experience

Simply put, the Round Lake staff experience is deeply meaningful. With the guidance of our lead staff and specialized training, the staff provide a variety of support to our campers with special needs. This includes nurturing their self-confidence, independence, and socialization skills, while having fun and embracing the camp spirit! By demonstrating compassion, patience, and dedication, our staff have the opportunity to be role models and impact lives, which is the most common motivation for joining our team. However, our staff find they are equally influenced by the campers whose charm, sense of humor, and smarts, in addition to their challenges, serve to bolster the growth of our staff in endless ways.

The Camp Nesher Staff Experience

At Camp Nesher, we boast the greatest staff lineup in the summer camp world, hailing from North America, Israel, and beyond. Every year, we hire enthusiastic people that have a passion for working with kids and understand the importance of acting as positive role models. Working at camp is not just a job, it’s an adventure filled with new friendships, amazing experiences, and unforgettable memories.

Three Camp Nesher staff members dressed in yellow.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, last summer was the best summer of my life. I’d like to think I made a positive impact on numerous kids’ summers, not to mention I made friends for life at camp. I left a completely different girl to how I started.

Darcey, England Camp Nah-Jee-Wah

Having grown up going to camp year after year, I always knew I wanted to be a counselor. From building connections with fellow staff to helping facilitate the program for our campers, working at camp is an awesome place to grow in an environment that promotes creativity and learning, all while being an incredibly rewarding experience.

Adam, USA Cedar Lake Camp

Working in TAC gives you the opportunity to travel and meet staff members from across the globe. It also enables you to immerse in the Jewish culture whilst working with some incredible teenage campers.

Lewis, England Teen Camp

The experience of working at Round Lake was so moving and impactful… it changed my life trajectory. Before my summer at camp, I planned on going into the field of graphic design and have now switched my focus to special education. The camp community is so warm and everyone is celebrated as they are. I found my true home away from home

Jacob, Israel Round Lake

Working at Camp Nesher gives me the perfect balance of responsibility and fun. I get to learn and grow while having the most incredible summer.

Deena, USA Camp Nesher