International Campers
A cultural melting pot

International Campers

NJY Camps is proud to welcome campers (and staff) from all over the world each summer. Integrating campers from other countries and cultures provides an enriching experience not only for those campers, but for their American counterparts who develop bonds that extend beyond their summers at camp.

NJY Camps has played host to campers from Spain, France, Israel, Costa Rica, Turkey, Taiwan, the UK, Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, among others. We recognize that sending your child to a foreign country can be scary, which is why we have a number of measures in place to take great care of our international campers.

All campers flying into camp will receive a dedicated chaperone to manage their airport arrival and departure. International campers are able to make weekly phone calls home. Extra support is provided to help campers from other countries successfully integrate into the camp environment so that they can make friends and thrive. This is especially important for those who come to camp by themselves, or where English may not be their first language.

Part of the beauty of camp is how universal our program is. We see firsthand that language barriers are less apparent when children are immersed in activities that they love such as sports, arts, waterfront, science, and outdoor adventure. Our approach to integrating a camper from another country will lean heavily into the depth of programming that we have to offer, where we are confident that we will find connection points for every child.

If you are considering sending your child to camp from another country, and have questions, please feel free to reach out to our camp directors.

Israeli Campers

If you live in Israel, we work with a dedicated partner who brings a large group of Israeli children each summer.

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