Our Team

Our Team

Interact with our year-round staff and you’ll find that their enthusiasm is contagious. But, that’s only one reason to love them. Each member of our team has a deep connection to the mission of NJY Camps and a dedication to the care of every camper and staff member that walks through our gates. Our workplace culture perfectly pairs playfulness with professionalism. This dedication comes from more than just a certification or degree, it’s born from experience, passion, and care. Year after year, we are so glad they choose to bring their talents to NJY Camps.

Michael Schlank

Chief Executive Officer
Sam Aboudara headshot.

Sam Aboudara

Chief Operating Officer
Adelinda Bader headshot.

Adelinda Bader

Senior Accounting Manager
Aryn Barer headshot.

Aryn Barer

Director, Round Lake
Anne Bauman headshot.

Anne Bauman

Director, Data Systems
Jeff Braverman headshot.

Jeff Braverman

Director, Camp Nesher
Mark Celinko headshot.

Mark Celinko

Maintenance Staff, Milford Campus
Randi Cohen headshot.

Randi Cohen

Office Manager
Debra Daitchman headshot.

Debra Daitchman

Associate Director, Development
James Darby headshot.

James Darby

Maintenance Staff, Nesher Campus
Will Eastman headshot.

Will Eastman

Chief Development Officer

Elliot Forchheimer

Director, Business Development and Operations
Russ Fowler headshot.

Russ Fowler

Maintenance Supervisor, Milford Campus
Edina Goore headshot.

Edina Goore

Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Jeff Horowitz headshot.

Jeff Horowitz

Director, NJY Teen Camp

Daniel Hosiassohn

Retreat Center Director

Jason Hosiassohn

Director, Cedar Lake Camp
Esther Staum Katz headshot.

Esther Staum Katz

Director, Organizational Development

Heather Klein

Community Care Coordinator

Dayle Kulikowski

Maintenance Staff, Nesher Campus

Tom Kulikowski

Maintenance Supervisor, Nesher Campus

Adina Lipson

Assistant Director, Camp Nesher
Arielle Padover headshot.

Arielle Padover

Finance and Administration Manager
Andrew Pitt headshot.

Andrew Pitt

Maintenance Staff, Milford Campus

Stephen Root

Assistant Director, Cedar Lake Camp
Doug Romer headshot.

Doug Romer

Maintenance Staff, Milford Campus
Johnny Shlagbaum headshot.

Johnny Shlagbaum

Associate Director, Camp Nesher

Anne Tursky

Director, Alumni and Board Engagement

Carrie Youngs

Director, Camp Nah-Jee-Wah
The Reason NJY Camps Continues to Thrive

Our Board Members

Suzanne Albin Tucker


Stacie Friedman

Vice President

Joyce Goldstein


Stephen Reiner


Stephen Seiden

Immediate Past President

Richard Adelsohn

Board Member

Ilisha Borek

Board Member

Lisa Epstein

Board Member

Marilyn Glassner

Board Member

Ross Goldstein

Board Member

Paula Gottesman

Board Member

Shelley Richman Cohen

Board Member

Robyn Samuels

Board Member

Jerry Silverman

Board Member

David Volosov

Board Member

Wendy Wachtel

Board Member

Ross Weil

Board Member

Elyssa Wright

Board Member