Our Mission, Vision, and Values
why we do what we do

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

To create immersive and inclusive Jewish camp experiences


Our Vision

NJY Camps nurtures a warm and inclusive environment where everyone develops independent life skills, fosters relationships, and embraces their best selves in the pursuit of strengthening Jewish identity and community

Our Core Values

Belonging – Shayachut – שַׁיָּכוּת

A shared sense of responsibility for creating an accessible community where everyone feels safe, welcomed, and accepted

Respect – Kavod – כָּבוֹד

Recognizing each individual’s value and contribution, ensuring every voice is heard

Joyful Judaism – Simchat Yahadutשִׂמְחָת יַהֲדוּת

Infusing Jewish culture, tradition, and spirituality, making Judaism fun and meaningful

Growth – Tsmichaצְמִיחָה

Building ‘mensches’ by nurturing independence, self-confidence, resilience, and leadership development

Kindness – Chesed – חֶסֶד

 Treating one another with care, compassion, and empathy

Love of Israel – Ahavat Yisrael – אַהֲבַת יִשְׂרָאֵל

Instilling a deep connection to the Jewish homeland and the people of Israel

Gratitude – Hakarat Hatov – הַכָּרַת הַטּוֹב

Expressing thanks and appreciating the good in our lives

Pay it Forward

Your Impact

Donors like you breathe life into Tikkun Olam—creating a better world—by supporting a place that creates the next generation of Jewish leaders in an environment imbued with positive Jewish living.

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