Paying It Forward

Birthday Celebrations

Happy Birthday!!!

There is no better way to commemorate that special day than with a birthday celebration. It’s an opportunity for a parent to celebrate all that their child has achieved during the year and to look forward to the future. Birthday celebrations are also a wonderful opportunity to teach about Tzedakah. Share your child’s birthday with NJY Camps!

Happy Birthday!

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Preparing for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah is an amazing time in your life, a culmination of your energy, excitement, hard work and achievement. Mazel Tov! Combining your love of camp with this exciting rite of passage is a wonderful way to give back to camp. Consider these opportunities for mitzvah projects:


NJY Camps believes every child should attend camp regardless of financial need. Asking for donations to camp scholarship as your mitzvah project is a wonderful way to “pay it forward” and send another child to camp. Want to take it to another level? See if you can get a company to match your donation.

Supplies for Camp

Whether brand new or lightly used, camp can always use equipment for sports, arts and other areas of camp.  Mix your favorite activity with a drive for supplies for camp.

Bar-Bat Mitzvah

Getting sports equipment ready to donate to camp

Got a question?

Got a question?