Machane Am Echad

A Special Camp Program for Displaced Israeli Youth

Fleur Hassan-Nahoum grew up in Gibraltar and studied law at Kings College, London University. She qualified as a barrister in Middle Temple in 1997 and practiced in London before immigrating to Israel in 2001. Before joining politics, Fleur worked in the Jewish nonprofit world and helmed her own communications consulting business. In May 2016 Fleur became a City Councilor in Jerusalem and in February 2017 the leader of the Opposition. In November of 2018, Fleur was re-elected to the Jerusalem Municipal Council and was appointed Deputy Mayor for foreign relations, economic development, and tourism. Fleur co-founded the UAE-Israel Business Council and the Gulf Israel Women’s Forum in 2020. Since September 2023, Fleur has been serving as Israel’s special envoy for innovation. She is the first woman to be appointed as Secretary General for Kol Israel, the ideological successor to the General Zionist Party in the World Zionist Congress. Fleur recently joined the Misgav Institute for National Security and Zionist Strategy as a senior fellow and sits on the international advisory council. Fleur completed her tenure as Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem in March, 2024, and she remains involved in the advancement of women’s rights and marginalized populations in the city, through economic development and the fight for a pluralistic Jerusalem.

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