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Israeli Scouts

What is Machane B’Yachad?

Machane B’Yachad is a camp of Friends of Israel Scouts, Tzofim, hosted on the grounds of NJY Camps. Friends of Israel Scouts is thrilled to offer Machane B’Yachad to all Jewish children from North America who have a working knowledge of Hebrew and who are open to learning more. This unique, fun-filled program is run in Hebrew for rising 4th – 9th graders. Campers who have aged out of Machane B’Yachad are encouraged to check out one of Friends of Israel Scouts teen adventures.

Machane B’Yachad offers 13 days of overnight summer camp with all of the activities of a traditional summer camp plus activities that are unique to Israel Scouts. This diverse, immersive program, run in Hebrew by Israeli counselors and Hebrew-speaking friends, is designed to be a profound, meaningful and enriching summer camp. It is a place to strengthen Hebrew skills, connect to Israel and bolster Jewish-Israeli identity.

Our goal is to provide a true Israeli experience in Hebrew, here in the US. The elective activities are diverse. Dozens of classes from banana boating to archery, basketball to dance, are exactly what the children enjoy. Tzofim staff run activities about Israel, Israeli culture, bolstering Hebrew language skills and Jewish-Israeli roots.  Although the camp is in Pennsylvania, our program is designed to feel like camp in Israel.

What are the dates of camp?

Machane B’Yachad will start on July 25th and will end on August 6, 2023.

Where is the camp?

Milford, PA – less than two hours drive from Manhattan

Camp Nah-Jee-Wah and Cedar Lake Camp
570 Sawkill Rd, Milford PA

Who can register?

The camp is designed for children who understand basic Hebrew or better. This usually means children with one or two Israeli parents or any Jewish American child with basic working Hebrew knowledge. Camp is open to rising 4th – 9th graders. If you want to discuss your child’s level of Hebrew proficiency, please contact us.

Who staffs Machane B’Yachad?

Our staff are Tzofim alumni. Every cabin has 2-3 staff, ensuring 24/7 camper supervision.

Where do the campers sleep?

Renovated wooden cabins with two toilets, two showers and two sinks. Each cabin will have 12 to 15 children with three staff members.

What is the daily schedule?

The day begins with campers attending a Machane B’Yachad morning meeting with songs, announcements and reviewing the daily schedule. The daily schedule is a mixture of elective and all-camp activities, such as non-competitive sports, science, camping, sport competitions, kayaking, board games, music, theater, ceramics, etc After a busy day, there are evening programs, showers, and then lights out.

What do the campers eat?

At camp, each dining hall serves fresh, nutritious and Kosher food. Three hot meals together with a large salad-bar, fruit and diverse side-dishes will be served daily. Fruit and snacks will be handed between meals. There is also Canteen once a week where campers may choose 2 to 3 snack items at no additional charge. There are vegetarian options at each meal and a gluten-free, GIG-certified kitchen. We are ready for almost any request concerning food sensitivities, so if your child has an issue with food options, please call us.

What is the co-ed policy?

Boys and girls live in separate cabins. Elective activities are generally co-ed.

Is the camp accredited by the American Camping Association?

Yes! NJY Camps is an accredited camp, which meets or exceeds the ACA standards.

What are the medical services?

There are two health centers onsite staffed by medical doctors and RNs (nurses). In case of an emergency there is an urgent care facility located in nearby Milford, PA and a hospital 14 miles away. In addition, we are partnered with PM Pediatrics in order to best adapt to changing Covid-19 guidelines and provide the safest possible experience.

Is there transportation to camp?

Yes, there is bus transportation from NJ, NY and PA without additional charge.
The camper’s luggage must be sent separately through a delivery service to camp or a parent drop off prior camp.
Space in buses is limited – first come first serve! Hurry to register in order to promise a bus seat for your child.
There are also buses from Washington DC and Boston for an additional fee.

Can the children bring a cellular device?

Campers are not permitted to have cell phones with them in camp. We store any mobile devices brought to camp in a safe and return them to the campers at the end of the session. If you need to call camp, there is a contact person to answer all of your questions!


Parents may send emails to their children through the “Campanion” app of their CampInTouch account or their NJY Home account. Campers will be able to send emails home once during the session. Of course, if a child is injured or sick, we will be in touch with you right away.

Can parents visit campers during Machane B’Yachad?

There is no visiting day during Machane B’Yachad.

Can I schedule a tour of camp?

Yes. Please email camp@israelscouts.org to schedule your tour.

What about following the rules of camp?

Campers and parents are asked to sign a Community Agreement prior to the start of camp. The Community Agreement includes consequences for infractions which may include dismissal from camp.

Is the camp religious?

Machane B’Yachad is an Israeli camp. We respect Shabbat by slowing the pace with fun activities. Formal prayer options can be accommodated if individual campers so desire.

What to bring to Machane B’Yachad?

Following registration, a suggested packing list will be available for the 13-day stay. You know your child better than anyone, so please adjust as needed. Please send enough clothes with your campers for the entire 13 days, as there is no laundry at camp.

What is the registration process?

You can register online HERE

During March, registered campers will be asked to complete their camp forms including medical information and bunking preferences.


Got a question?

Got a question?