Suggested Packing List

Camp provides bedding for each guest (Sheets, Pillow, and Blanket)

(2 Day Weekend per person)

Sneakers 2 Pair
White Shirt for Shabbat 1 Shirt
Jeans 2 Pair
Shorts 3 Pair
Sweatshirts 2
Short Sleeve Shirts 2-3
Underwear Up to you
Socks 5 Pair
Warm Pajamas 1-2 Pair
Bathing suits 1-2 suits
Additional Items Include
Bath, Hand, Beach Towel 1-2
Warm Jacket 1
Rain Gear (Coat, Umbrella) 1
Pool Shoes 1 Pair
Toiletries (Sunscreen Bug Spray, etc.)
Musical Instruments
Sports Equipment
Item for Tie-Dying
Extra Pillow, Blankets, & Towels
Flash Light

Please remember to pack your own towels and toiletries (and extra blankets or comforters).

Here are a few optional items you might want to pack:

  • The camp has plenty of sports equipment, however, if you want to bring your own, it can’t hurt (i.e. tennis rackets, softball mitts, helmets, etc.)
  • Some campers enjoy fishing, so if you are one of them, don’t forget your fishing pole.
  • Beach chairs are also great to have by the pool, lake, or bonfire.
  • Evenings in the Pocono Mountains can sometimes be chilly. Make sure to pack at least one warm sweater/sweatshirt.

Got a question?

Got a question?