Learn About Family Camp

We are thrilled that you are choosing to join us for one of our incredible Jewish Family Camp Weekends! Throughout the summer, we offer a wide-variety of exciting weekends to engage each and every family through activities and programming.

Our fun, energetic, and incredibly talented staff are trained to take care of each and every families individual needs.

What is Family Camp?

Family Camp is a series of weekends for families of all ages and interests to enjoy a summer camp experience with one-another. Set on our beautiful campsite in Milford, PA, we have something for every member of the family, from sports and zip-lining, to jet-skiing and crafts. Kids come for free as well!

How Does it Work?

Upon arrival, each family is given a private bunk to themselves or, if you choose, a bunk to share with friends! Equipped with recently upgraded on-suite bathrooms, electricity, and bedding, the bunks provide the cozy yet “campy” feel. Further, all participants are given a detailed schedule of the weekend with the activity and program options offered. Gluten-Free meals are available upon request.

Which Family Camp to Choose?

Throughout the summer we offer a selection of Family Camp Weekends. Each of these Family Camp Weekends are always open to any families interested. Many of these weekends also play host to Themed Getaways, which are catered to families with specific interests ranging from a getaway experience, to an Alumni Retreat, and much more in between. The full list of Weekends and Themed Getaways can be found on our Dates and Rate tab to the right.

No matter which Family Camp Weekend you choose to attend, the same care and hospitality will be provided!

Why Choose Family Camp?

Family Camp offers great meals and lodging in addition to amazing activities and programs for every member of the family, all set on a beautiful camp-site in the Poconos.

Whether you are interested in sending your child to camp next summer, you want to meet like-minded families at a Themed Getaway, or you just want an awesome vacation, Family Camp is the perfect vacation for every family at an unbeatable price.

More About Family Camp:   

  • Each weekend starts with everyone coming together for a Shabbat dinner and optional services experience
  • Day Camp programming is included for parents who are looking for a little down time to themselves
  • We offer a variety of activities specifically for parents while our campers are having an incredible time participating in day camp
  • Each family member can pick and choose from the activities offered

Sample Family Camp Schedule

Suggested Packing List