Steve Landis and Jenny Meadows Fund


Steve LandisSteve Landis

Steve Landis and Jenny Meadows were campers together at the NJY camps in the late 70’s until the mid 80’s.  They were the kind of camp friends that made you want to come back every summer- to do it all again.

Steve was tall and skinny with long hair and a mischievous smile.  He wore bandanas and was passionate about his music.  He had a sense of humor that left no one out of its reach. He was crazy wonderful and deeply kind and generous all at the same time.

jenny meadowsJenny Meadows

Jenny was a beautiful, bubbly, curly haired girl with her own unique sense of style and pizzazz.  She was generous with friendship- and her smile.  She was the ultimate camp friend- fantastic, fun, and free- always making those around her feel special.

Steve died in 1991 and Jenny in 2013.  Both of them left us way too soon.  The mention of their names means so much to so many NJ Y Camps alumni who had the privilege of knowing them, laughing with them, loving them, and calling them friends.
Camp friendships are everlasting, and so are memories.  Now, with the help of the NJY Camps, Steve and Jenny’s friends have set up the Steve Landis and Jennifer Meadows Scholarship Fund to help send children to camp who otherwise could not afford to go, giving a new generation of campers the chance to meet a “Steve”,  or a “Jenny” or even to become one.
The fund not only honors the memory of dear friends- it honors all of the special friendships that would never have been possible without having been campers at the NJ Y Camps.  To make a donation, please click here.

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Got a question?