Giving Opportunities

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There are many ways to help support NJY Camps. Choose the one that best fits your needs.  Not sure which is the best fit for you? Contact camp at 973-575-3333 x 113


NJY Camps believes EVERY child should be able to attend summer camp regardless of their financial means. NJY Camps gives out in excess of $2 million in financial assistance to help campers attend camp each season. Each dollar donation helps to give another child the opportunity to experience all the amazing programs that NJY Camps has to offer. Looking for a specific named fund, please go to our alumni funds.

Monthly Giving

Monthly giving takes the stress of remembering out of the equation.

  1. Put a credit card on file.
  2. Let us know how much you wish to give each month

It’s that easy

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Annual Giving

Commit to giving to NJY Camps the same time each year by joining our annual giving campaign. It is a one time donation each year.

Gift In Kind

Trying to decide what to do with your used car or furniture? NJY Camps is a 501( c)(3) company and is need of all kinds of donations. We will come to your home to pick them up. A tax donation letter will be sent to you regarding the dollar value of your donation.

Amazon Smiles

Amazon Smiles is a program which donates .5% of the purchase price of items to a not-for-profit organizations specified by the purchaser. It’s really easy   just start out your purchase with this link:

You will be directed to the regular Amazon purchasing screen but it will have notation “Supporting: New Jersey Federation of Yng Mens Hebrew Assc and Yng Womens …” at the top (the long name comes from our 501(c)(3) designation. Your login to Amazon stays the same.

Your browser will “remember” the organization that Amazon is supporting so the next time that you purchase something you can just go to (without our Tax ID at the end). Enjoy what you buy and NJY Camps will too!

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Got a question?

Got a question?