L’Dor V’dor Letters

Remember hand-written letters? Let’s #bringbacktheletter!

For NJY’s 100th summer we’re launching L’Dor V’dor letters to unite the many generations of the NJY community.

We are calling on all camp alumni to write to the campers joining us for our 100th Anniversary summer! Our campers will receive and read these letters upon their arrival at camp! 

“What Camp Means to You” is Subjective! This can include but certainly is not limited to:

  1. The impact camp had on you personally, short term or long term!
  2. Why you feel camp is a special place for kids to enjoy!
  3. What things you advise them to take advantage of as campers!
  4. Favorite memories of yours!

*Please remember, these letters will be read by campers of all ages, so we want to keep them upbeat, appropriate, and not directed to any particular camper*

We want our alumni in this 100th year to help our campers understand just how special of an experience they are about to enjoy! 

Please Address the Letter As:

NJY Letter
21 Plymouth Street
Fairfield, NJ 07004

If you have any questions, feel free to email Anne Tursky: anne@njycamps.org

Got a question?

Got a question?