If you are looking for a camp … this is the one

From the CELIAC Archives 
So here we are half way through the summer and I would just like to let everyone know that the NJY sleep away camps have done a fabulous job learning about celiac disease. They built a Gfree kitchen to avoid cross contamination. They match all of the Gfree children’s food to the food for the other campers…exactly! They have Gfree snacks during the day and at the canteen!!! I get letters home that say “I love the food…mac and cheese, pizza bagels and baked ziti!” And the cooking class at camp is all g-free so there can’t be any cross contamination. They currently have two handfuls of campers but can accomodate loads more. We looked and looked for a camp that could do even half of what this camp does. We always heard from the moms that the camp was trying. I do not work for the camp but I can give you first hand mommy advice…if you are looking for a sleep away camp…this is the one!!!!! If you have any Q’s feel free to e mail me or call the camp!!!
It is is Milford P.A.


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