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Our new online system for Family Camps attaches all of your family's individual records in our database to the person who is paying for the weekend.

If you already have the PAYER'S e-mail, ID & password, CLICK HERE

If you joined us for Family Camp OR if the "payer" of the account already has a record in our database, CLICK HERE
to get the ID & Password for the person who paid for Family Camp last year. Once you get that info, you can then login with the "payer's" information and begin the process of signing up for 2007.

If you have never attended Family Camp before AND the "payer" of the account does NOT have a record in our database, CLICK HERE
so that you can create a record in our database. If the payer has relatives already in our database with the same e-mail address, then those records will automatically "attach" to the payer's record. For relatives that will be attending who are not in our database, you will be able to add them AFTER you log in as the "payer". If, after trying this, you are not confident of the results, please call 973-575-3333 and we'll quickly help you out.

This system, while being extremely robust, can be a bit complicated.
If at any time you need assistance, please call 973-575-3333 and
we will gladly help you through the process.